#EuropeDAY: 🔵🟡 The open-air @thankyoumusictour concert in Brussels. @EuropeanCommission

🔵🟡 The open-air @thankyoumusictour concert begins in Brussels! https://www.thankyoumusictour.com The Ukrainian artists PATSYKI Z FRANEKA, Христина Соловій and Oleg Skrypka PATSYKI, want to thank Europeans for their solidarity in this very special event. 🔵🟡 Let’s enjoy together! EUOpenDay #EuropeDay #EUOpenDay #EuropeDay https://www.facebook.com/EuropeanCommission/videos/1315747962249861/ Evento proposto nell’ambito del progetto „Mediazione per l’accoglienza“ Consorzio Erasmus Plus 2021-1-IT02-KA121-SCH-000012059: ObiettiviContinua a leggere “#EuropeDAY: 🔵🟡 The open-air @thankyoumusictour concert in Brussels. @EuropeanCommission”