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The Better Internet for Kids portal provides information, guidance and resources on better internet issues from the joint Insafe-INHOPE network of Safer Internet Centres in Europe, and other key stakeholders.

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European Commission consultation: How to make Europe’s Digital Decade fit for children and young people? Read the report

Safer Internet Forum

On 6-7 October, this year’s edition of SIF explored how to make Europe’s Digital Decade fit for children and young people.Find out more

Illegal content online

INHOPE – the International Association of Internet Hotlines – leads the fight against child sexual abuse material (CSAM) online.Make a report

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Online challenges

Some online challenges can be fun but some can be extremely dangerous, while the number of views and likes received is seen as an important part of the whole process.Read the article

Online reputation

Online reputation refers to the information that can be found about an individual online, which can be used by others to build up a picture of the person in question.Read the articleSee more topics

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Pubblicato da Marzia Vacchelli

Docente di Lingua e Cultura Tedesca presso il Liceo Veronica Gambara di Brescia; Teacher Trainer per la Rete Scuole Ambito n.6 Lombardia (Brescia, Hinterland e Val Trompia), Docente esperta e Media Education Manager presso CREMIT di Milano; dottoranda in Letterature Comparate presso FAU Erlangen/Nürnberg.


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