Online course “Euro-Mediterranean Intercultural Trends”

A warm welcome to the online course “Euro-Mediterranean Intercultural Trends”!

The course is jointly delivered by the Anna Lindh Foundation and UNIMED, the Mediterranean Universities Union. With this message we would like to provide you with some information for you to have the best possible learning experience:

Account Information

You can reach the course via the URL

To access the course, please use:

Username: Your email address

Password: changeme

To access the course you need a computer and an internet connection.

Course instructions

The course will start on Tuesday the 12th of November and will last four weeks, until the 9th of December. Each week will be devoted to one module.

Racha and Johannes are the Tutors of this course, and they will support you throughout the course contents and activities for the coming 4 weeks.

For every module, you will have to:

  • watch a video;
  • read the module content;
  • take a quiz to check that you have learnt the basic content of the module.

Please remember that every time you will have finalised an activity (watching a video, reading an article, etc) you will have to tick the DONE box on the top-right of the page in order to be eligible for the Course Certificate.

You are kindly encouraged to use the course online Forum to share your views and experiences, and to comment on other learners’ posts. Our Tutors will launch some questions in the Forum throughout the course, stay tuned!

Once you have completed all the course activities, we will guide you through the process to get the Course Certificate.

About the Course Participants

465 participants registered to the course, from 39 countries around the Mediterranean and beyond: we are excited to start this learney journey with such a large community!

Get started!

In order to get started with the course, we would like you to undertake the following three activities:

  1. Edit your profile page ( by clicking on the ‘my profile’ button;
  2. Have a look at the introductory module “About this Course” to get familiar with the Intercultural Trends Report;
  3. Please write a brief message in the Forum to say hello to the group and tell them about yourself and where you are based.

If you would like to get in touch with us directly, please use this email address

The Euro-Mediterranean Intercultural Trends Course Team

The online course “Euro-Mediterranean Intercultural Trends” is based on the Anna Lindh Report on Intercultural Trends and Social Change in the Euro-Mediterranean region, including a unique public opinion survey among a representative sample of the Euro-Mediterranean population about mutual perceptions, values and openness to diversity.

The course is composed of four modules:

Module 1 Representation of the Mediterranean and Mutual Interest. Through this module, you will learn about common values and attitudes, interests and expectations of the people living in the EuroMed region and their perception towards other countries/people.

Module 2 Values and Mutual Perception. Through this module, you will learn what are the most important values for people living around the Mediterranean and how the role of women is perceived and it is expected to change.

Module 3 Interaction across Cultures. Through this module, you will learn about how people from the two shores of the Mediterranean interact and how they construct the representation of the “other” as well as the role of media in this process.

Module 4 Living in Diversity. Through this module, you will learn about the impact of religion on people’s point of view and what could be efficient actions to contrast radicalisation and for better living in multi-cultural cities and societies.

By taking the course, you will:

  • increase your understanding of mutual perception between people from different European and Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries (SEM), about their identities, values, fears, women’s role in society, the impact of religion on their views and their inclination to mobility.
  • learn what actions people expect in order to reduce radicalization and increase multiculturality, taking into consideration different opinions.
  • learn what is the impact of different media on people’s opinion and which are the most reliable and trustworthy media in different countries.

The course is video-based and highly interactive, meaning that you will have the possibility to discuss the content and the main course messages with peers from other cultures.

Pubblicato da Marzia Vacchelli

Docente di Lingua e Cultura Tedesca presso il Liceo Veronica Gambara di Brescia; Teacher Trainer per la Rete Scuole Ambito n.6 Lombardia (Brescia, Hinterland e Val Trompia), Docente esperta e Media Education Manager presso CREMIT di Milano; dottoranda in Letterature Comparate presso FAU Erlangen/Nürnberg.


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